Wednesday, January 25, 2017

3 Ways to Stimulate Customer Loyalty

Today online stores are strengthening their efforts to improve brand's awareness. You may find dozen ways how to build a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers. One of these ways is providing your customers with earning points for purchases that can rise social activity up to 30%. It's possible with the Customer Balance & Rewards System extension for Magento. There are 3 ways that can help to stimulate customer loyalty.

  1. Make your store popular
Your online store may provide credits or money and points that can be used for new purchases or service. As points can be provided for “purchase-associated” activity - registration, reviews writing, visiting the website, customers can visit your store more often that stimulates their interest and purchases as well.

  1. New purchases are stimulated
Customers purchase products and receive points for the orders that can be redeemed for future orders. Thus it may encourage them to earn enough points and buy more.

  1. Social activity
Points can be provided for referrals, there is ability to share balance with friends. This is a source of new leads for your store from your current customers.

You want to attract more customers to a store, you need to stimulate them to visit it. Set different reward rules, enhance social activity, offer points for future purchases in the store. Your customers will be able to convert points into real money, share them with friends, and earn points for website activity and big purchases. Check out the full article about the Magento Customer Balance & Rewards System extension

Friday, January 20, 2017

How to Create a Grouped Promoset with Custom Options in Magento

You may probably agree that a grouped product is a good tool that could increase your sales up to 30%. You can offer more products and improve customer satisfaction.

The Grouped Product Promotions extension for Magento allows to sell products in special sets for different events and create discounts for products with custom options within a grouped product.
 Imagine that you want to offer for your VIP customers a computer set where each product has custom options and discounts. 

The extension allows to create a promoset with custom options and ability to configure them directly before purchase. Now you are able to show a promoset for products related to the grouped one. Set different calculation methods and make prices more attractive. Complete as many promotion rules as you wish and produce outstanding customer service within the Grouped Product Promotions extension for Magento.

This is how the promoset will look on the Frontend.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

How to Create a Bundle Promoset with Custom Options in Magento

Sales are an essential part of company's promotions. Stores use promotions to find a loyal customer, who will lead to greater profits. What if you want to offer a discount on a fixed set of products purchased together? 

The Magento Bundle Product Promotions extension will help to bundle products with custom options or configurable products that is impossible in default Magento. Also the plugin provides you with three calculation methods that you can apply for a separate product or set your own price for the whole set.

For instance, you sell skateboards with custom options, and want to offer a backpack, and a helmet in one set. Your customers won't have ability to change bundle products or quantities defined by admin. But the plugin allows to configure products' options before purchasing. Also you can set one of three pricing rules - fixed price to the entire package,  fixed/percentage discount to the whole package, and the possibility to set the price to each bundled product manually. Bundle Promoset is a good tool that will simplify the purchase decision.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How to Create a Bundle Offer Based on Custom Options in Magento 2

Bundling of products can help to increase your store's profit by selling sets of goods for a lower price. Now you can add a bundle offer as additional options to a product on the same page view with the rest of options. For instance, you sell a camera and want to create a bundle offer that includes a memory, a case, and warranty. The Dynamic Product Options extension for Magento 2 allows to associate options to other products.

If a customer has chosen the option from a bundle offer, the associated product's inventory will be deducted on checkout. Therefore, the module will definitely help to manage the inventory.

The extension provides you with creating your own bundle products by associating custom
options to existing products with your store. Also you can easily set tier prices for each option and offer a bulk purchase for a lower price. Bundling may increase your store's offering and lead to extra sales within the Magento 2 Dynamic Product Options module.

This is how your product with the bundle offer will look on the Frontend:

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Friday, January 6, 2017

How to Hide Prices in Magento

Imagine that you're running media distribution company and selling CDs along with the most expensive digital recording software for the "Private Members" customer group.

You can leave software visible for all customers, but only private members will see the prices. The Hide Prices extension for Magento is a good tool that allows to manage not only prices, but hide separate products or even entire categories. You can also hide all prices for not logged in customers. 

The extension provides 4 main modes to hide prices. These modes are available either for all products or for a certain one. You can set the "Out of Stock" label for a selected customer group. Others will see prices in a regular way. Mode "No Price" allows to show the product without price and ability adding to cart. There is the "Show Custom Stock Status" mode. It will also hide prices and show a custom message.

If you need to show the price, but disable adding to cart, you can select "Show Price, disallow adding to Cart". The extension allows to leave a custom message for this mode.

Involve your customers into shopping and increase user loyalty with the Product and Price Visibility Rules extension for Magento. Read more about how to hide prices in Magento in our blog:

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

How to Create Custom Tabs in Magento 2

Imagine that your products have tabs that will help to place more information for customers. In default Magento you won't be able to edit product tabs in the backend. An external extension will definitely help to add tabs to your products. The IToris team offers you the Product Tabs extension for Magento 2.

You probably agree that cumulative effect of adding unique tabs to each product will lead to the store's awareness.
If your customers know more about the product, they will make a rapid decision whether buy it or not.

The extension allows to create custom or your own tabs as many as you wish or edit tabs globally. If you need to set different tabs for certain customer groups you can easily do it within the extension.

The Product Tabs module can help to extend the functionality of your store and raise brand's awareness. Learn more about how to create custom tabs in Magento 2 in our blog:

Monday, December 26, 2016

How to Attach Files in Magento

Do you want your customers to be provided with user guides, product manuals, downloadable images, or symbolic links? Or do you need to add files to CMS pages or static blocks, or even to customers' accounts? Now you can extend your own content using the Downloads & Attachments Anywhere extension for Magento.

Your customers can make purchases that are based not only on description, but additional information such as presentations, manuals, user guides. The module is a versatile tool to meet all your requirements. 

If you have limited promotions, you can limit downloads within the allowed period of time. Imagine that you have dozens of files to be added to products. Now you can attach or detach files to multiple products in bulk. You may know that the visual part of your site plays sufficient role. Now you can manage the size of icons within the extension. You can also create categories for files to make them look organized.

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