Tuesday, July 18, 2017

SmartFormer Gold Professional Form Builder Extension for Magento 2

Want to add an advanced contact form to your homepage? Need to create a poll submitted by users or receive a feedback from your consumers? The SmartFormer Gold Pro Form Builder handles all these issues and provides even more features that make SmartFormer Gold unique on the Magento Marketplace.   


Professional SmartFormer Gold Editor

The easy-to-use SFG editor is developed to create a form literally in a few minutes. 18 available elements and snippets can be easily aligned vertically or horizontally. Design the form layout professionally and change the form behavior using the integrated PHP, JS, HTML, and CSS editors. The extension is a good choice for any user level allowing to create forms from a simple contact to multi-page complex forms.

Database Management

Collect customer data by binding your form to the database. An easy Database Designer tool helps to create a new database table automatically or associate a new form with an existing table. Binding your forms to the database allows to check, edit, or export the submitted information from backend later.

 Validation Rules

Need to validate customers’ phone numbers, credit cards, emails, etc.? The extension provides a list of ready validation rules integrated into each form. All rules are customizable with the ability to add new or edit existing ones.

Forms' Submissions

After your customers have submitted the form all submitted information will be organized within the list in backend. SmartFormer Gold is developed to optimize a huge amount of information with ability to filter, apply mass actions, export to CSV or PDF, and edit data either in backend or frontend. You also get the full control over all customers’ actions including the ability to edit submissions or setting the maximum number of submissions per customer.

Publishing Forms

The extension allows to insert forms literally in any Magento area. You can easily insert forms to CMS pages or Static blocks, publish forms on a separate page or via the XML layout of your theme.

More information about the SmartFormer Gold Form Builder is available on our website: https://www.itoris.com/magento-2-form-builder.html

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Price Dependent on Custom Product's Size in Magento 2

There is no possibility in Magento 2 natively calculate the final price or shipping weight based on the product dimensions.

The Price Product Formula module for Magento 2 provides the possibility to apply formulas and conditions based on product options. The extension helps to customize products in a simple way. The final price will depend on the entered data.

Let's see how the extension works.The product original price with the fixed dimensions is $280.00. Enter custom dimensions in the fields, and the price will be changed according to the defined conditions and formulas.

You are able to create various mathematical formulas and apply them to different customers groups, to multiple products or per product, calculate shipping weight, set limited time offers and create conditional branching. Let customers get what they really want and offer value-added services within the Product Price Formula extension for Magento 2.

You can find more details about how to apply formulas to options and calculate the final price based on product dimensions in our article: https://www.itoris.com/blog/magento-2-extensions/price-dependent-on-custom-products-size-in-magento-2.html

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Shopping Cart Price Rules and Coupons in Magento 2

Magento itself provides a lot of successful tips that may put your business on the map. One of them is offering coupons to your consumers. It's a fast tool to appeal to customers to visit your store more often. Magento 2 provides ability to create coupons with discounts and apply it to multiple products or per product, if conditions are met. You can create a coupon within Cart Price Rules.

What are Cart Price Rules?

Cart Price Rules help to apply discounts to products in shopping cart. The discount can be applied if all conditions are met, or customers enter the coupon code in the particular field.

How to create a coupon?

To apply a coupon with discount you need to complete 5 main steps.
You can find Cart Price Rules following Marketing -> Promotions -> Cart Price Rules. You may see the grid with already existed rules and created coupons. To create a new rule click "Add New Rule".

There are 4 tabs:
Rule Information – contains general information about a rule and ability to associate a coupon to this rule.
Conditions – allows to set conditions that are necessary for applying discounts. The rule is enabled even if no conditions are met.
Actions – allows to choose a price calculation method.
Labels – helps to identify the discount and can be specified for certain store views.

1. Complete Rule Information

You can find the whole article here: 

Friday, March 17, 2017

How to Proceed to One Page Checkout in Magento

Default Magento provides multi-page checkout only. But such type of checkout may take some time, especially if customers have to return back and change entered information. One page checkout allows to keep an eye on how many fields left and helps customers to make a quick purchase decision.

 The Magento One Page Checkout extension helps to complete all necessary information within one page without reloads and steps. Now your potential clients are able to log in or register directly during checkout process, check out the products' details, prices, change quantities. Such functionality can greatly improve customer experience and build beneficially relationships.

Make the checkout process safe, quick and easy and motivate customers to complete as many purchase orders as possible.

Learn more about how to proceed to one page checkout in our article: https://www.itoris.com/blog/magento/how-to-proceed-to-one-page-checkout.html

Monday, March 6, 2017

Product Questions/Answers for Magento 2 Tutorial

For those who run online business and have dozens or even thousands of products, managing all products' description may be challenging. A good product description does not mean a detailed one.

How often your customers contact you personally to provide them with more accurate information? People will continue asking questions as a lack of information perpetuates doubts. It may cause consumers to abandon purchases.

Now you no longer need to spend time while answering or submiting specific questions. Your customers will do it for you. Enlarge your store functionality with the Product Questions & Answers extension for Magento 2.

You customers and guests can ask questions directly on a product's page. Users will help each other by answering questions, sharing experience, or giving tips. Let customers share their opinions by rating questions and answers. Thus users will make a quick purchase decision. Admin gets the full control over all questions and answers. You can set either automatic approval or manual one. Edit questions and replies, delete, set status, add pictures, videos to answers, or create your own questions and answers. If you want to limit access of Product Q/A to your product pages, the general settings will allow to show it for customers only.

Check out our video tutorial for the Product Q/A extension and learn more about the advantages given to you.

Video Tutorial: https://www.itoris.com/blog/videos/product-questions-a-answers-extension-for-magento-2-video-tutorial.html

Product Q/A Extension for Magento 2: https://www.itoris.com/magento-2-product-questions-answers.html

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

3 Ways to Stimulate Customer Loyalty

Today online stores are strengthening their efforts to improve brand's awareness. You may find dozen ways how to build a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers. One of these ways is providing your customers with earning points for purchases that can rise social activity up to 30%. It's possible with the Customer Balance & Rewards System extension for Magento. There are 3 ways that can help to stimulate customer loyalty.

  1. Make your store popular
Your online store may provide credits or money and points that can be used for new purchases or service. As points can be provided for “purchase-associated” activity - registration, reviews writing, visiting the website, customers can visit your store more often that stimulates their interest and purchases as well.

  1. New purchases are stimulated
Customers purchase products and receive points for the orders that can be redeemed for future orders. Thus it may encourage them to earn enough points and buy more.

  1. Social activity
Points can be provided for referrals, there is ability to share balance with friends. This is a source of new leads for your store from your current customers.

You want to attract more customers to a store, you need to stimulate them to visit it. Set different reward rules, enhance social activity, offer points for future purchases in the store. Your customers will be able to convert points into real money, share them with friends, and earn points for website activity and big purchases. Check out the full article about the Magento Customer Balance & Rewards System extension

Friday, January 20, 2017

How to Create a Grouped Promoset with Custom Options in Magento

You may probably agree that a grouped product is a good tool that could increase your sales up to 30%. You can offer more products and improve customer satisfaction.

The Grouped Product Promotions extension for Magento allows to sell products in special sets for different events and create discounts for products with custom options within a grouped product.
 Imagine that you want to offer for your VIP customers a computer set where each product has custom options and discounts. 

The extension allows to create a promoset with custom options and ability to configure them directly before purchase. Now you are able to show a promoset for products related to the grouped one. Set different calculation methods and make prices more attractive. Complete as many promotion rules as you wish and produce outstanding customer service within the Grouped Product Promotions extension for Magento.

This is how the promoset will look on the Frontend.

Read more about how to create a grouped promoset with custom options in Magento in our blog: www.itoris.com